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Teaser (2008)

Film-quality design, animation, motion graphics and visual effects.
Different sorts of experiments with digital creation.


    At waldson.com we are connecting knowledge, art and technology to deliver breath-taking solutions. We are mainly focused on developing highest possible quality rich-media products built on top of rock-solid foundations. We believe that combining even the smallest ideas and thoughts into a larger pieces can show new evolution paths. Those paths, while following, can take our creations to the very new level of experience that have not been seen before. We are considering every new project as an opportunity to explore creative potential and also a chance to carefully develop passion for perfection with an obsession for details.

Brand new, absolutely crazy design!

    Brand-new graphics-intense high-resolution-supporting fully consistent waldson.com group webpage design. It features subtle and smooth transition effects with several different visual styles in spite of coherent look and feel.

Erio - galaxy of sound (animation).

    Web teaser concept. Features:

true 3D environment,
particle system,
virtual camera animation,
motion blur.
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