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Computer-Science-related materials.


    netraf is a C written, POSIX threads specification compatible set of programs, allowing to monitor all network traffic routed through the machine it is installed on, helping administrators in bandwidth shaping and load profiling. Flexible and easy configuration of logging options, statistics and periodical summaries. Project started 24.02.2005 and isn't maintained anymore, although there are many things that may potentially be interesting (like netraf Shared Memory Model or netraf Project Code Chunks).


    spirit"Process Migration Layer and Abstract Node System for Distributed Systems Applications". It is a set of abstract tools enabling programmer to write a program that can migrate, while running, from one machine to another. It was designed and written during winter semester (2006/2007 academic year) as a part of Distributed Operating Systems lecture.

misc. theory
A couple of solved exercises (PDF) written in TeX during Formal Languages and Computational Complexity course in 2008 (in polish),
My notes written in TeX to a Programming course in 2008 (in polish),
Several solutions to a Discrete Mathematics course exercises, written in TeX: 1, 2, 3 (excercises: 1, 2, 3) (in polish),
Parallel Simulated Annealing for the Set-partitioning Problem – slides, draft (in polish) and C++ implementation (BOOST library is required to compile the sources),
Parallel Multiobjective Optimization – slides and draft (in polish).
misc. programs
OpenGL gadget written in OCaml using LablGL as a part of Functional Programming course in 2006. Depending on your operating system GLUT library is also needed (linux, windows),
Nonogram solver (what is nonogram?) written in Haskell (2008). Source code is richly commented. (in polish),
"Słownie" written in Haskell (2006). Full program and problem description are in tarball. (polish),
My Sentential Calculus Theorem Prover implementation (using Resolution Method) written in Haskell. (2007),
Fold perversion – several functions defined in Haskell's standard prelude rewritten using fold-family functions only. (2007),
Viewer – very simple, Python written (using Python Imaging Library and TkInter) image browser and viewer with threading support and automatic thumbnail generation. (2007),
Python GL FunPython with OpenGL experiments (PyOpenGL and NumPy libraries are required). Program includes some virtual-camera management code (arc-ball-alike control), basic material-handling class and scene geometry class with basic hierarchy structure. Moreover, simply, maxscript written, geometry, materials and animation (translation, rotation and scale transforms over time) exporter from Autodesk® 3ds Max is included. (2007),
3D Math Library – part of my (yet!) unfinished raytracer (project draft PDF in polish). It include set of C++ classes implementing basic operations on Angles, Matrices (4x4), 3D Points, Quaternions and 3D Vectors, (2006).
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Old waldson.com page varia.
ballworld – simple, flash-written (ActionScript 3.0), two-dimensional, rigid-body, ball collision system with graph-oriented object space storage. Potentially colliding objects searches are performed at each frame (40 fps) through simple, recursive, graph-traversing function,
variations – six different styles of one particular scene,
lunar – own circular image carousel implementation demo (written during some experiments with Prototype JavaScript Framework, script.aculo.us and Lightbox 2),
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Music experiments.
"Jazzy" (0:10)  –  Track 01  –  waldson.com production  –  2009,
"Black Hat" (2:42)  –  Track 02  –  waldson.com production  –  2009,
"Gang" (2:43)  –  Track 03  –  waldson.com production  –  2009,
"Enigmatic Hope" (0:50)  –  Track 04  –  waldson.com production  –  2009,
"Happy Funeral" (2:38)  –  Track 05  –  waldson.com production  –  2009,
"Sunny Afternoon" (2:43)  –  Track 06  –  waldson.com production  –  2009,
"Lonely concert piano lullaby" (3:20)  –  Track 07  –  waldson.com production  –  2009,